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PhotoFiction Portraits

PhotoFiction portraits are a unique way to capture your family's personality with hyper-realistic illustrations.  Telling your personal story by creating a portrait using dozens of individually captured images, masking them on the computer, then layering them into a full composition.  The result is a personalized interactive portrait you'll cherish for years to come!


Your Story

We'll start out our session by learning about you.  With a short questionnaire, I'll learn the the basics of who your family is and what makes you the goofy bunch you are.  Then we'll talk about what ideas we both have to make a great representation of your family and what makes you tick.  


Your Pets

Of course your pets are included!  They're part of your family, right?  Dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, fish, horses, cows and even llamas.  No animal is off limits.  But don't expect me hold your pet tarantula or boa constrictor, it's just not gonna happen.  



Facial Features

The bigger the better!  Throughout the shoot you're encouraged to show wildest expressions.  When your expression's are big and full of character, it's easier to draw out your personalities and ultimately create the portrait true to you and make it that much better.

YOUR Hobbies

What really adds that extra fuel to the creative fire?  All the details. We'll dig into what your family does throughout the year, sports, activities, jobs, etc.  As you can see in the final composites, the details are what makes the your artwork special and specific to your family.  


The result is a one-of-a-kind piece of art that shows who you are!  As you can see in the example image above, the boys both play baseball (Cade loves pitching), they run 5k's as a family (Ben's shirt), they enjoy camping and campfires, Tom rides his motorcycle whenever possible and the tractor has a home in their garage.  Tom hunts and Amanda's parents run a turkey farm up north.  The more information you give me, the more I can include!  

Now just imagine the jealousy of family and friends when you send this image out for your Christmas cards!

Not your typical family portrait.   

These composites require a completely different process and are much more involved.  

Each PhotoFiction portrait can take over 40 hours to complete, just on the computer alone.  That doesn't include the consultation time learning about your family and what you're looking for, the actual photo shoot, and possible additional shoots for all the details of your life.  Due to the complexity, the number of clients that can be shot per month is extremely limited. Adequate time for your unique portrait is needed to produce a result with the highest quality possible.

And because of the time and expertise needed to create these truly unique pieces of art, they're not the quick family shoot taken at a local park.  This style takes planning and lots of editing after the shoot.  But think about this, what better way to help you remember this time of your kids lives. These family portraits capture who you are, right here, right now.  And someday you'll cherish this time gone by.

Ah, but what is the cost?  

There are many levels of complexity that can be put into your illustrative portrait.  From no expressive facial features to the over-the-top.  The basic level of family portrait begins at $700 and can get up to $2000 depending on the complexity involved.  A $400 deposit is required at the time of booking and is applied to package price.

This is not to scare you away.  We feel the value of our work is more than just the price tag.  We just want you to know your estimated investment before spending time with us.  

Simply put, we're creating memories.  We understand if the price tag is too much for some families and we're not going to force our work on anyone.  But if you can step back and see the value of our work, we feel when its all said and done, the final artwork is on your wall will be absolutely worth it and you won't be able to wait for the next installment!

What'd you think?
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These are so much fun!!  During your family composite shoot, we can also capture the personality of your children with our signature KookyKids series.  We'll find an out-of-the-way spot in your home to set up a couple flashes and when the kids start to lose interest in the composite shoot, they can let off a little steam by making faces at the camera.  Anything goes. Silly, goofy, surprised, anger, you name it. The images will be edited in post and prints will be made for you.  Yes, they're WAY over the top, but that's what makes them so much fun! And the best part is there's no extra charge!  This is just part of your composite portrait experience!


Editorial Profiles

Editorial Profiles


In doing the composite work for the past several years, I've shot many editorial profiles of everyday people.  Businesses, athletes, shop owners.  With a unique look, cool lighting techniques and some Photoshop editing in post, these showcase the individual and really stand out.  A new project is in the works called "We are..." to focus on small business owners.  The goal is to display the final image in the front window of their shops with a description of the business to highlight what they bring to the community.  So even in off hours and when the business is closed, passerby's have a chance to get to know the owners and plan a return visit.

What goes into the Editorial Profiles?  They're very similar to the PhotoFiction process. Individuals will be photographed separately from the background, masked, then added to create the ultimate portrayal of the business. Multiple people can be added and the details of the shop will be added throughout the artwork.

What a great way to show off what makes your business different from the rest!