We don’t hide from our pricing but we do want to discuss them with you. Simply putting our pricing online gives us no interaction with you. We want you to understand the value and effort we put into each of our sessions.

We are not your typical low budget photographers. There are countless photographers out there that will shoot a session and give you a disk for you to print on your own. If this is what you are looking for, that’s fine, we respect that and wish you the best of luck. However, we take pride in our work and want to provide you with the very best finished product to be displayed in your home. We will work with you to create the package you need to showcase your portraits and fit them to your home. Our goal is not to upsell you and force you to buy unwanted prints. However, getting a disk and printing a couple 8x10s at a box store leaves everyone disappointed. Lets work together to design the package that works for you.

Where is your pricing?

Session fees for PhotoFiction work is $400 and is applied to the final price of the options you choose.

Traditional portrait session fees start at $250 and is applied to the package you purchase. Traditional sessions include families, children, seniors and headshots. 

Deposits to book weddings are $500 and are due at time of booking.  Wedding deposits are applied to the final price of wedding package.

What are your session fees/deposits?

PhotoFiction isn't my style, do you shoot traditional family portraits?


I love working with families to capture the memories of today. I will work with you to build the perfect look for you.  Whether its outdoors, in your home, or in our studio, we can create the look you want.  I love when my work is displayed in the homes of my clients and to hear how much their friends and family rave about the work.  Let me do that for you as well!

How did you develop the PhotoFiction style?

My style has been evolving over the past twenty years. My first job as a photographer was at Sears Portrait Studio while in college. Then youth ball-on-the-knee sports, Glamour Shots, more youth sports, portraits, weddings, action sports, yet more youth sports, then commercial product photography. And all along the way, people telling me how I needed to do it.

In addition to the photography I did a lot of Graphic Design as well. Working at retail shops, in-house print shops, ad agencies, and Art Directing at a B2B wholesaler. As a result I got influences from many sources. Not to mention watching a lot of tutorials online.

Then I came to the realization one day, that I had become the guy that the next generation of photographers and designers are reaching for. I have the experience to create great work and the technical know how to do it right the first time. I can use graphic software to manipulate the images to my liking and the common sense to know when I've gone too far.

Seeing several other photographers move into composite work as a way to create "real life fantasy" really got my juices flowing. After many many tries, and too many failures to count, my style evolved into what it is today.  Will it continue to change? I hope so, what fun is it repeating yourself over and over?

We love your work but don't want the over-the-top style.  

No problem. The composite work is suited to you and your family. Funny faces or straight faces, it's completely up to you!

Do you shoot weddings?

Yes, but I don't market for them either.  

Time is a big factor for me. Most people don't think about the editing time it takes once the wedding is over. But the photographer spends a lot of time editing the images weeks after the couple returns from the honeymoon (at least I do).

I've shot over 125 weddings over the past 10 years, and most of the recent ones have been direct referrals from past brides (or from one wedding planner that just loves me - yes, you know who you are).  

Do you offer any kind of payment plan?

Yes! I would hate to miss out on an opportunity to work with a family because of readily available funds. Just ask and we'll come up with a plan that works for both of us.

Do you travel?

Yes. No charge within reason (50ish miles).  Beyond 50 miles is negotiable.