Are you, or anyone you know, fighting a life threatening disease? If so, please contact us today for details on a free photo session.

Amy’s Avengers is our way of giving back. We look to serve families fighting cancer and any other life threatening diseases. We will coordinate a photo session with them to celebrate their family through photography. These portrait sessions provide an opportunity for families to feel special while fighting their disease.

Let us capture the moment for a lifetime.


Donations Welcome!

We gladly volunteer our time, but any donations you can provide helps us buy prints for the families to display in their homes. Thank you!

• 100% of all donations goes toward prints for the families we serve.

• Each $50 donation will provide 3 8x10's and 1 11x14 print to a family.

Your donation is greatly appreciated!!


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Up to 4 families will be selected per month. We would love to shoot all that are nominated, but time shooting and editing is finite. We will do as much as we can!

Who are Amy’s avengers?

Amy is our inspiration (see her story below). Her Avengers are her friends and family who supported her during her cancer battle and who will forever carry on her spirit.

As a community, Amy’s Avengers will continue the fight against cancer through our PANCAN team and through this mission of capturing memories. Help us continue to fight by joining us. We offer our time to provide the families we shoot with prints of their session, but we need help. Please help us continue this endeavor by donating to the Amy’s Avengers cause. All money raised will be used for the families we serve.

Our Story

This was us in 2010. We were living the American dream. Mom, Dad, three kids, a dog, and a house in the burbs.

Unfortunately, it ended far too early.


The Alexanders

In November of 2015, my wife, Amy, was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. Our lives stopped in an instant. We were faced with fear and uncertainty. She immediately began a very intensive and debilitating chemo treatment which left her extremely nauseous, bed ridden and in terrible pain.

If you’re not familiar with Pancreatic cancer, it has a very low five year survival rate of 8%. Think about that, only 8 out of 100 people live past five years. That means 92 don’t.

But my wife was a fighter. She was determined to beat it. She endured over 40 rounds of chemotherapy, she went through a clinical trial in St. Louis and was slated for another at the Mayo Clinic, but the cancer eventually took over and she passed away in September of 2017. 


I am writing this here not for your sympathy, but with a heart that wants to help others. The kids and I have found a way to move forward and have found ways to honor Amy and still look to the future.

I also want to remind you to remember today. The family photo shown above was the last professional family portrait we had taken. It was well before her diagnosis, well before there were any thoughts of “not enough time”. We were busy. The kids had activities, we were both busy with work. We were just happy to go about our daily routines and not worry about the “what ifs”.

And needless to say, I very much regret that.


We have many photos of Amy with the kids, which I’m thankful for. But because I am the photographer of the family, I was always behind the camera. We have a few Christmas photos of all of us, but we really have very few photos of all of us together.

So this is your wake up call. This is where you learn from my mistake. Get your family photos taken.

Even if you are thankfully spared of any devastating loses, kids grow fast. The kids are playing T-Ball one day and in high school the next. Don’t forget to preserve the memories of today for tomorrow!!

Whether you choose me to shoot your family portraits, or another photographer. Please don’t forget. Or put it off. Don’t make the same mistake I did and regret it someday in the future.